5 degreeeeeeeees!I dont know if you have been following my saga with the Gas company, but our gas has been off since early Sept. And the Gas Company have been absolute ASSHOLES about it. (They knew they where getting paid, and they knew when, so they went ahead and shut the gas off just before that so they could charge a big re-connection fee) THEN the “proud boys” techs that came to the house did their little inspection and decided that the gas couldn’t be turned on because of this that and the other thing….OK, fine, asshole.(Oh they where so happy and smarmy about red-tagging our furnace and pipes and telling me they wherent going to turn it on.)

PART of this is understandable: They dont want to get sued if our house blows up, but these low-brow low-life idiots where taking pride and joy in telling me they wouldn’t turn the gas on.(You know that term “Gas lighting”?)

Well its a 120+ year old house. The Furnace was DONE 10 years ago but we’ve been limping it along for the last couple of years. The main problem is the gas pipes are leaky, and our efforts to seal them up and fix them have not been to the satisfaction of the gas companies bearded fool brigade. Suddenly things that where perfectly FINE the last several times over the last two years theyve been out, are no long fine. And basically we have to replace the entire gas line system. And talking to various plumbers, I really cant tell who is trying to fuck us over….or how stupid THEY are if they cant take one look at that house and neighborhood and tell that we are NOT wealthy people and no we can NOT afford $3600 as one plumber quoted to replace the gas pipes. (Especially considering that the furnace has to be replaced too, and their bids on THAT where outrageously stupid as well. $27,000? No, I don’t think so Take a look at this neighborhood, does ANYTHING within 6 blocks look like its worth $27,000? We’ve got people sleeping in cars on the streets.

But electric heaters are not going to cut it….one way or another if we run enough of those to warm the place up, it’ll burn the fucking house down.

Ive got myself cocooned in my bedroom with the doors and windows sealed up as best I can, and I can survive with the heater and kitties. However the girls upstairs are freezing their Bosoms’ off.

So next time you hear someone extolling the virtues of the city of topeka as far as helping residents, and providing “Home improvement” grants and money for upkeep for poor people, just go ahead and yank their faces off of their skulls because they are flat out fucking LYING!

We are applying for help from some other agencies, but the city of topeka is flat out full of shit as far as any sort of help for poorer residents. I have no idea how much this all is gonna cost, but for now Im more worried about the girls upstairs (One of home is disabled) and Im thinking it might be time to start shaking the little tin cup to put them up in a motel until this cold blast is over. I’ll survive, Ive been through worse.

But how about a big FUCK YOU to Biden and his “Build Back better” bill thats going to richly reward a bunch of corporations that will get fat re-paving contracts, but wont do a goddamned thing for those of us skating on the edge of poverty, or below (I always laugh when I see what THEY say the poverty line is! Really!? Who is making THAT much?)(And No, Trump would NOT be any better! And I can guarantee you that no one who has ever been in this situation is a libertarian.)Anyway, prepare for begging….

Literally…Freezing my ASS off!My Toilet has frozen! It. is. frozen. It wont re-fil after that ast flush because the pipes are frozen. I have been letting my other faucets drip, and they have not froze, but the toilet? It froze. I know everyone is hard up against it, and theres irony to the fact that the last several winters I have spent finding these sorts of items for homeless people to help THEM survive. But now again, I find myself having to reach out and ask for help. I made an amazon wish list:


Also, if you can help, Ive got cashapp: $chrometunaAnd paypal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/NoMorePoorShaming

By Chrome Tuna

I'm Chrometuna, my name causes fear panic and extreme xenophobia among morons, especially morons at The Topeka Capital Journal newspaper or anything Sherman Smith is involved with. I don;t know whay, I never did a goddamned thing but tell the truth...then again, the truth is what pisses people off the most.

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