Racist Moron Merv Sheilds Dead

Karma has a strainge poetry to it. He is proceeded in death by singer Ian Stuart Donaldson, who was outted as Gay and living with AIDS when he died.

Guitarist ‘Big Merv’ Shields of notorious #Nazi band #Screwdriver, instrumental in the notorious Blood and Honour neo-Nazi music network, had died from #Covid. He was unvaccinated and called Covid a ‘Leftie Jewish Plot.’


“Big Merv Shields” He was unvaccinated and called Covid a ‘Leftie Jewish Plot.’

 Infamous neo-Nazi skinhead band member dies of ‘Covid complications’ in Co Antrim hospital
One of Screwdriver’s biggest so-called hits was called ‘Smash the IRA’

Steven Moore
January 21 2022 06:51 PM

One of Ulster’s most infamous far-right activists has been laid to rest after passing away on New Year’s Day with what was reported as “Covid complications.”
‘Big Merv’ Shields was a leading member of the notorious white power Nazi band Screwdriver, where he played the bass guitar for several years on at least three albums.
He played at many White Power concerts and was instrumental in the notorious Blood and Honour neo-Nazi music network.
The music was loud and racist and promoted a whites-only agenda as well as being staunchly loyalist – one of their biggest ‘hits’ was called Smash The IRA.
But it was a silent ending for ‘Big Merv’ as the guitarist and drummer was left to play one last ‘solo’ at Roselawn Crematorium in east Belfast where he was cremated without anyone present on Wednesday.
The father of two, originally from Bushmills, Co Antrim, had been mourned properly at a service at a funeral home in Coleraine where only immediate family were asked to attend due to Covid restrictions.

Mervin Shields after his funeral in Coleraine. Pic Pacemaker

And the Roselawn service was designated ‘no-attendees’, which meant he made his final journey alone.
Well known in white power circles across the UK, he joined the band in England and lived there for years. Far-right sympathisers would have been expected to attend his funeral in normal circumstances.
Though his politics were anything but pleasant, he had returned to live in Northern Ireland several years ago and those who knew him described him as an “areshole”.

Guitarist ‘Big Merv’ Shields of notorious Nazi band Screwdriver, had died from Covid.

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