Nasa has just launched its first ever official investigation into UFOs.

Best pictures of UFOs and sightings as Nasa launch official study

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Best pictures of UFOs and sightings as Nasa launch official study

Nasa has just launched its first ever official investigation into UFOs. Apparently, aliens are considered a genuine ‘national security’ issue, which makes us think that there really must be flying saucers in the hemisphere. Luckily for us, the investigation is open to the public as it won’t contain any classified information, so we can find out what the space scientists are up to (Pictures: Reuters/Shutterstock)

It’s not the first time that the US government has looked into aliens in our skies. Back in 1970, the Air Force closed down Project Blue Book, a public investigation into UFOs spearheaded by then-House Republican minority leader Gerald Ford. It begs the question: what did they find out that the Air Force was so scared of? This image of a UFO was snapped in the 70s (Credits: Instituto Geogrfico Nacional de Costa Rica)

The Pentagon investigated UFOs only last year, but found the data “inconclusive”. Apparently, UFOs are more likely to be airborne clutter, natural atmospheric phenomena, US industry developmental programs or foreign adversary systems than little green men from Mars. But there is a lot of historical evidence that the US government has been sitting on for decades (Credits: @jeremycorbell/Instagram)

The Pentagon declassified and officially released three UFO videos last year posing the question: what else might they know? It’s actually only civilians that call them UFOs, short for unidentified flying objects. The US military calls them UAPs – unidentified aerial phenomena, but that’s not quite as catchy or easy to say (Picture: US Department of Defence)

Interestingly, UFOs are not confined to Earth. Nasa and the European Space Agency were working on a live feed monitoring the sun when extraterrestrial experts noticed a strange black cube. But the feed, which was open to the public, mysteriously cut out and when it returned, the cube had disappeared… (Credits: Nasa/SOHO)

Nasa has lots of photos from their trips to space that make us believe that aliens are out there. Nasa’s Curiosity Mars rover recently showed what looked like a doorway in the rocks in the Martian landscape. Experts pointed out that the doorway could be a sheer fracture, but it’s also possible this is an entrance to where the aliens store their UFO spacecrafts (Picture: Nasa)

Back on planet Earth, UFOs sightings are now so common that anyone can capture them on their smartphone. When Matthew Evans, from Teignmouth, Devon spotted four lights in the sky, he initially thought it was a plane, until he realised it was hovering! The UFO appeared for ten seconds before disappearing (Credits: Matthew Evans / SWNS)

Over in Newcastle, Stephen Wilson thought he had seen a balloon when he noticed a ‘sparkly thing tumbling’ through the sky. He said it moved like a worm through the sky! Of course, it does look suspiciously like a crisp packet (Picture: NCJ Media)
While UFO are mostly harmless, there are some people who believe they have been whisked away by pesky Martians. Russ Kellett claims to have been abducted by aliens more than 60 times! He can only remember what the ‘aliens’ look like through his drawings, because his memory has been wiped, obviously (Picture: Mercury Press)

However, retired astronaut Chris Hadfield, who was catapulted to fame for singing ‘Space Oddity’ in actual space, is not a believer. He’s seen plenty of things he can’t explain, but says that anyone who thinks UFOs are proof that aliens exist is an idiot. We’ll just have to wait for Mulder and Scully to finish their report! The truth, as they say, is out there (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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