Man breaks into U.S. Space Force HQ to warn of alien vs dragon war

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FLORDIA (WTVO) – A Florida man has been arrested after stealing a pickup truck and driving to the U.S. Space Force base to warn the government of a war between U.S. aliens and Chinese dragons, according to the military.

© Provided by WQRF RockfordMan breaks into U.S. Space Force HQ to warn of alien vs dragon war reported the man, identified as Corey Johnson, 29, was arrested Friday at Patrick Space Force Base after he attempted to get on the base.

He reportedly told authorities that he was “told by the president” to warn the government of the ongoing extraterrestrial war.

Johnson is said to have stolen a Ford F-150 several days prior. He was charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle.

Patrick Space Force Base overseas the nearby Cape Canaveral Space Force Base and launches America’s satellites into orbit on the East Coast.

Formerly known as Patrick Air Force Base, it was renamed in 2019 after the creation of the Space Force.

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