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“White Privilege” Cards Lead High School Students to Stage Walk Out in Frustration

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When the students of Charles Page High School returned for the school year, they were greeted by a number of other students handing out “white privilege cards” in the hallways. According to Fox23 News, the BIPOC students who were fed up with the nonsense hosted a walk out in protest of the racism.

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The report says these cards, sold on Amazon, were seen nationally but this is the first time they were spotted locally in Oklahoma. The cards read, “White Privilege Trumps Everything. Member since birth. Good thru death. Card holder, Scott Free.” One student, Fabian Gaytan, said he was handed a card and called a racial slur in the same moment. Previously, a picture of a Black student circulated Snapchat, offering a cash reward “if caught.”

Parents had previously complained about racism within the Sand Springs school district. This time, the students had enough.

Read more on the incident from Tulsa World:

Sand Springs Public Schools Superintendent Sherry Durkee said members of her administrative team investigated the incident immediately.

She said the district’s students “are really good at reporting to us, so it wasn’t long before they let us know what was going on,” adding that she has no idea what the student’s intended purpose was in distributing the cards. Durkee said Wednesday’s walkout was peaceful and uneventful.

“I think students felt the need to have their voices heard, which is understandable,” she said. “About 40 kids walked out at 11 today. There was no violence. They spoke their piece. They weren’t off campus.

“Then they disassembled and went back to school.” She said she understands where the students are coming from.

“I would say thank you for standing up. I want to hear what you have to say. I think our administrative team does, as well,” she said. “Our job is to educate them, but a part of educating them is to listen to them.”

Superintendent Durkee said the students involved in the privilege card would be reprimanded but wouldn’t specify to KTUL what that punishment would entail. To be honest, punishing the students may not do any good. The problem is at home.

Trump-supporting parents are raising their children in hateful households, then sending them off to school with kids they were taught to disrespect. Let’s say it once again, for the umpteenth time, for the people in the back: Racism is taught. Oklahoma banned critical race theory so it’s very unlikely that students will learn in school what they’re deprived of at home.

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