Bigfoot with a toothache

Possible Bigfoot Tooth Claims DNA Results

And it came with an NDA…

A TikToker recently claimed to have found a tooth belonging to the legendary cryptid bigfoot. Faced with the potential chance to gather scientific proof, he reached out to a lab asking how to proceed for a DNA sample. He is now claiming the lab has gotten back to him with results… and a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

The letter from the laboratory references an NDA that protects both parties from disclosing any personal information, such as: names, addresses, phone numbers, known affiliates, or any incriminating information that will cause harm or harassment to either party. Some believe this is an indication the news is big and the lab wants to retain control over release of information. Others suspect the lab wished to collect money but without association to whatever results it may find.

The results are interesting, to be sure, if they are able to be independently verified and peer-reviewed. The potential sasquatch sample was determined to be dental pulp, which is the soft and living part of the tooth containing nerves, arteries, and veins. Confirmation that the sample is, indeed, a tooth is the first step in the process, and it was found to be dentine in nature. The alleged cryptid tooth was also noted to have tooth decay.

After it was determined to be a tooth, it was further determined there was DNA within that could be tested. Testing returned results showing between 97% to 99% human DNA but the specific match is unknown to any records in the international database. This determination appears to be followed by a request to analyze the physical tooth itself for further research, with the bold assertion that it may be from an unknown or undocumented species followed by advising the sample not be handled or further exposed to the environment or contaminants.

This video highlights some of the problems with collecting and analyzing evidence that could potentially prove a crypt’s existence, such as finding a lab in the first place. The inclusion of an NDA is also a strange hurdle to have to overcome and can often put people off pursuing any of it. NDAs aren’t magical documents with no restrictions though, quite the opposite, and many are potentially unenforceable in court. 

NDAs were initially used to protect proprietary information or trade secrets between business parties that needed to exchange that information to work together, however in modern times they are often used to prevent transparency, cover up crimes, or in conjunction with non-compete clauses which prevent employees from being able to obtain work in their field if they try to seek a different employer. The good news is that you don’t have to sign an NDA. You can just say no! If you are forced to sign a legal document against your will, that is also a crime and could be ruled unenforceable in a court of law. 

Considering the legalities of NDAs, there doesn’t seem to be a standing to have one in regards to testing a tooth for origin – even if that origin is an undiscovered species. For everybody asking “If bigfoot is real, where are the bones?” – well, they might just be in a lab buried under an NDA.

By Chrome Tuna

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