Giant Wolf Spotted in Montana

Where? Wolf?

There’s New Footage of a “Giant Wolf” Roaming Montana

Story by Cassandra Yorgey 

What do we want? Dire wolves! When do we want them? Now, and also slightly fictional please. Giant wolf sightings have increased significantly since the rise of Twilight and Game of Thrones which both feature giant wolves, and now a new video has surfaced out of Montana claiming to show a dire wolf frolicking about in a field of wintery grass. 

There’s New Footage of a “Giant Wolf” Roaming Montana© Provided by Exemplore

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The first thing to know about extinct dire wolves is that their size has been greatly exaggerated. Fossil evidence indicates they were roughly the same size as the largest of our modern wolves, the Yukon wolf and the Alaskan timber wolf. Don’t discount how very huge modern wolves are though, because despite their similar appearance to dog breeds such as huskies they are actually about twice as large.

Giant Wolf Is Big And Scary

The alleged “dire wolf” shown in the video certainly does look gigantic but it’s also difficult to judge exactly how large without much next to it for size comparison. Feeding the fuel are Native legends of these oversized beasts that roam the great northern wild expanses, which plant the seeds of the spectacular in the forefront of minds when they see how shockingly large wolves are in the wild. 

The theme of terrifying canine crytpids recurs in many mythologies, such as the werewolves of Europe or the dogmen of North America. Some believe this may have been influenced by the rabies virus which was often spread by dogs and other canines, and prior to the invention of a vaccine by Louis Pasteur was always fatal to humans. Rabid dogs or wolves could appear especially ferocious and terrifying, as the disease can result in paranoia, hallucinations, confusion, abnormal behavior, and a fear of water which can all lead to an absolutely frightening encounter for any people who might wander on a canine in such a state. 

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