Get $100 free and easy, and a great debit card at the same time!

We’ll both earn $100 when you join Chime and receive a qualifying direct deposit! Learn more.

Hey I’m sure you have plenty of credit cards, but this one is pretty cool and allows direct deposits, like for your tax return. Plus they’ll give us both money if you use this link to sign up.

Its simple: Just sign up for the card, as soon as you are approved then set up the electronic deposit feature, whch is fairly straight forward, and use that info (routing number etc) with your tax return forms so that your return gets direct deposited into this card and account. Once you’ve met Chimes criteri ($200 deposited into your account) they will deposit an extra $100 into your account (And mine as well.)

Most employers will also do direct deposits of paychecks as well. And you usually get the money several days earlier.

And of course later, after you’ve profited from this you can change back to your old way of doing things.

Ive found my Chime card very simple and easy to use and the app is great. And it helps you build credit as well.

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By Chrome Tuna

I'm Chrometuna, my name causes fear panic and extreme xenophobia among morons, especially morons at The Topeka Capital Journal newspaper or anything Sherman Smith is involved with. I don;t know whay, I never did a goddamned thing but tell the truth...then again, the truth is what pisses people off the most.

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