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Researchers And Military Set To Prove Alien Mothership Is Out There Sending Probes

Story by Sean Thiessen 

The truth is out there, and a Harvard UFO expert and a Pentagon official are teaming up to find it. It sounds like the start of an Independence Day ripoff, but according to Futurism, Professor Avi Loeb and All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) director Sean Kirkpatrick have authored a paper purporting that an alien mothership may be sending probes through the solar system.

The alien mothership theory posits that a large, artificial craft is lurking in space, sending probes dubbed “dandelion seeds” out to explore planets, including Earth. The claim presents a possible explanation for a set of unexplained phenomena: ‘Oumuamua and IM2. ‘Oumuamua was an oddity that sailed past Earth in 2017, and IM2 was a bizarre looking meteor that hit the planet just six months earlier.

Loeb and Kirkpatrick put it this way: “The coincidences between some orbital parameters of ‘Oumuamua and IM2 inspires us to consider the possibility that an artificial interstellar object could potentially be a parent craft that releases many small probes during its close passage to Earth, an operational construct not too dissimilar from NASA missions.”

The paper is not an official Pentagon document, and has yet to be officially printed with peer review authentication. The alien mothership theory, however, is worth paying attention to given the names attached to it.

Kirkpatrick is the director of AARO, an organization with the U.S. Office of the Secretary of Defense. AARO was founded in July of 2022 under President Biden’s administration to succeed the Office of Naval Intelligence’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force. AARO’s essential function: investigate UFOs.

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Loeb, despite some controversial statements, has long been a respected researcher at Harvard. Loeb and Kirkpatrick teaming up for the alien mothership paper gives further credence to the idea that extraterrestrial visitors may be among us. Or, at least, that the idea should not be so quickly dismissed.

The world has experienced UFO sightings regularly since the mid-20th century. A recent flurry of UFO sightings, including some caught on video declassified by the United States government, have had people talking about the phenomena more seriously than in the past. While most suspect that UFO sightings are more likely optical illusions or foreign objects from around the globe, AARO is exploring all possible explanations, including the alien mothership theory.

Loeb is now preparing for the Galileo Project, a $1.5 million expedition to recover another interstellar object from the Pacific Ocean. Loeb’s mission is to determine whether or not the object is artificial, or in other words, sent by intelligent alien life from the mothership. The project has raised some eyebrows, but if Loeb successfully determines the artificiality of the interstellar object, he will raise quite a few more.

Reports of UFO sightings and extraterrestrial contact have historically been dismissed. There is no hard evidence to support that alien life has made it to Earth. The latest activity from the U.S. government and scientists like Avi Loeb does give reason for pause; respected entities are taking the idea of an alien presence on Earth or a mothership in the solar system perhaps more seriously than ever.

The fact that the government is even considering the possibility of an alien mothership may be alarming to some, or perhaps comforting to others. Whether or not there is any validity in the theory, AARO is at least being thorough in its investigation of unusual and disconcerting phenomena.

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