Do Not Die Stupid!

A little seasonal warning rant.


A Cautionary Rant From Bob C

This is the time of year, spring has sprung and school is about to let out. There’s Proms, and senior skip days and parties and the events that are the backdrop of every coming of age movie. All happening in the next few weeks.

And its usually in relation to one of these types of events that YOUR KIDS ARE GOING TO DIE!!

Probably the most likely scenario is getting drunk, trying to impress their friends, driving too fast and losing control and EVERYBODY DIES!!! Seriously, drunken car wrecks seems to take a couple of lives every year about this time. Either that or just plain inexperienced young drivers trying to show off, or testing the limits of the car they got as a graduation gift. Or driving stoned and distracted and running over someone’s grandmother crossing the street, or over some little kid on a skateboard.

And then there are DDDDRUGGGGS!!!
And we’ll be seeing kids ODing on whatever it is the “Cool kids” are passing around. And right now that seems to be fentanyl. Either the real stuff, or made in some lab, just like on Breaking Bad. And that fent can and will show up in everything else from the weed to the pain killers and opioids to the meth or whatever. AND EVERYBODY DIES!

And if the fent wasn’t bad enough, NOW whats happening is that dealers or traffickets are cutting the fentanyl with Xylazine and Xylazine is a large animal tranquilize, used mostly by vets for horses. Its basically uncontrolled and about anyone can get it from a pet supplier. Its kind of surprising how easy it is for someone to get. And Xylazine is deadly, especially when mixed with fent or other drugs. And inexperienced idiots who dont rally care have no clue what dosages are safe.

Its called “Tranq”, and it is rapidly becoming epidemic in Seattle, Philadelphia, New York and spreading rapidly. I predict that its already here in Topeka, but will start becoming more visable by the time summer starts. Deallers find it a great way to extend their proffits. Go ahead, just search “Tranq” on youtube.

If fent wasnt deadly enough, just add Xylazine to it, and THAT renders Narcan useless as far as bringing someone out of a fent or opioid induced over dose. EVERBODY DIES!

And if THAT wasn’t bad enough, Xylazine does not play well with human anatomy: It causes people to basically start rotting from the inside out. It causes huge sores and infections that the special effects team from Walking Dead would be proud of. Often these infection are so bad, and untreatable, that people have to get their limbs amputated, just to slow it does, and …you guessed it EVERBODY DIES!

As far as we know, its mostly those who inject the Xylazine/fent mixture that get these horrendous infections, but it could just as well happen with orally ingested concoctions.

(Theres plenty of youtube videos up if you want to go see what entire neighborhoods taken over by Tranq looking. Or if you still dont believe it, Ive got friends in these cities, I can arrange for them to take you around and show you first hand, it is UGLY, and deadly.

As if the misery of meth isnt bad enough…..

So as far as partying and drugs go, heres the deal: Stick with the natuiral stuff. Stay with the Pot. Its damned near legal in states that are not run by idiots. (Be careful with those edibles! They can sneak up on you). Mushrooms? Not a huge problem, but have some respect for them, recognize that even the apes that figured out which mushrooms got you high considered it a sacred gift and teacher from the gods. Just plan on being in one place, with some trusted friends, out camping or at someones house and dont go anywhere else, enjoy, and learn.

Alcohol: Boring! But I get it. Do not drive drunk, because EVERYBODY DIES!! The biggest hypocrisy in American is that alcohol is so legal and available, but pot isnt. Do not ride with someone who has been drinking. If you’re going to go out party hopping, load up a debit card with say $75 bucks or so and take an uber or lyft from place to place. Thats a hell of a lot cheaper than a DUI, or an ambulance ride, or the lifelong guilt from being involved in killing someone, perhaps your best friend. Would I be overly dramatic if i mentioned that EVERYBODY DIES!!?

What else do young people die of? Suicide. Yes that ugly dark thing that no one wants to talk about….until AFTER it happens, then the idiot school shrinks and councilors suddenly want to talk to students and justify their paychecks. Surprisingly, I dont have any brilliant advice to give to people who might be struggling with suicidal thoughts, or just having a bad time with life. I’ve had literally dozens and dozens of friends “Opt Out” in every way imaginable. So I think for now I will save the sermon and just say that there are all kinds of hotlines and phone numbers and webpages that you can go to to find help. Give them a call. For LGBTQ people who are 3 times more likely to commit suicide, please try The Trevor project.
I’ve lived through some incredibly dark shit, you can too.

This world is full of people who do not have your best interests at heart. And so many of them are the ones making the laws. We have failed you, the youth, in so many ways. I am sorry and ashamed of what we have done, and this little rant is the best I can think of at the moment to help you out.

Learn to respect yourself, and your peers, especially the ones who do not look exactly like you.
You have obviously got access to the internet, go educate yourself on birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, how to not get pregnant in the first place, and that way you can avoid that really awkward discussion with your parents about why you need $750 bucks to go “Camping” in another state (THATS CODE FOR ABORTION!!! SHHHH!) It is pretty easy not to get pregnant. And HIV/AIDS is still out there.

So lets review:
DO NOT take Fentanyl. You really dont know what you are getting. Its deadly. Tranq is even worse
DO NOT drive drunk. You are not as good a driver as you think you are sober
Do NOT ride with someone who has been drinking or doing drugs.
Use Birth Control. DO NOT Get preggers! (Babies are expensive)
DO NOT Un-Alive yourself. Seriously, theres a lot of options out there, the world needs what you have.
Respect each other, and Yourself.
AND, its never a bad idea to do just one (or more) kind deed for someone else every day.

The aliens are coming! Please don’t embarrass us!

And if you got something out of this rant of mine, feel free to drop me a few bucks, and whatever.

By Chrome Tuna

I'm Chrometuna, my name causes fear panic and extreme xenophobia among morons, especially morons at The Topeka Capital Journal newspaper or anything Sherman Smith is involved with. I don;t know whay, I never did a goddamned thing but tell the truth...then again, the truth is what pisses people off the most.

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