Billy Christ Performing Troubled Youth songs with The Klusterfux at The Truly Legendary Outhouse. The CBGBs of the Plaines.

Here it is! The official announcement!

The Billy Christ Memorial Celebration will be held at Lessman’s Truckhenge on Saturday, August 26. We will be honoring the life and times of one of the most incredible people I have ever known, the controversial human entity known as Billy Christ. There will also be tributes made to others who were in the scene or scene-adjacent. A partial list includes: Dee Cooper, Tom Mendes, Andrew Bray, Steve Gomez (Wheels), Shaylee Oxy, Steve Bradley, the Alien (Allen Lindsay), Jamie Mccoy, Tony Gomez, Brian |Damage” McGuire, Joe Matic, Kurt Brown etc et al. (We deeply regret any ommissions, its nothing personal, just so many to remember.)

Billy Christ

A local favorite of Billy’s, Iron Guts Kelly will headline the stage! If you like poofy foo foo, auto tune, generic, no-talent, pop BS, then you’ll hate these guys, lol! But, if you like gritty, raw, authentic hardcore music, you’re gonna love’em. 🤘☠️🤘

The band line-up is not complete, as yet, but will be soon. Expect surprises. I can tell you that there will be a Klusterfux reunion, as well as a Wett Nightmare mash-up of sorts, and others. There will be a jam band type of thing (Diabolical Mischief) after IGK play, consisting of 12-15 people covering Billy’s songs throughout his music career.

After the bands finish, we will have a mock funeral procession to the “funeral pyre”. People will be given flat sticks on which they can write their loved one’s name, say a prayer or parting words, then add it to the fire. Hopefully, this will serve as a catharsis, closure, and remembrance for folks.

We will be taking some of Billy’s favorite shirts and making mourning armbands from them. (Thx, Otto). You can mourn in solidarity, and have a momento to keep his memory alive.

There will probably be some fireworks after the fire ceremony, so save a few back from the 4th, and together we can make a decent display! There will also be memorial shirts for sale, and perhaps memorabilia. Looking into getting a few food trucks, also.

There will be a “confessional booth”, where you can record a video of you telling a “Billy” story, as well as watch others’ stories. We will try to stream the event, as much as possible, so those who can’t make it can still participate. Also gonna set up a way people can send a vid or Snapchat or w/e and share their sentiments.

Porta-pottys will be onsite. Primitive camping is allowed, and encouraged. Don’t drink and drive, stay all night. I can assure you, the party will last all night. There is a rock quarry pond full of fish, and swimming and kayaking is allowed. And be sure to give yourself time to explore. There is artwork all over the place.

The festivities will probably start around noon, with a Pow Wow. Don’t miss that! Then bands will hit the stage until after midnight. After the pyre and then fireworks, individual party sites and drum circles and Jams will probably happen. It will go from a G-rating at the start, to an R-rating towards the end. (X-ratings are even possible, lol. You’ve been warned.)

Mr. Lessman is being very generous and considerate in allowing this show on his land. Please show the appropriate respect to him and his property. Bring bags for your trash, pick up after yourself, don’t damage anything. If you will bag your trash, we will take care of the removal. Glass is discouraged, and absolutely banned on the beach and near the pond. Small fires are okay, in certain areas, and there will be bond fires here and there.

Camping is primitive, so gear up accordingly. Bring your own water, ice, power supply, etc. Don’t forget sunscreen and bug spray!

Event staff will be on hand, to help how they can. Our security team will be present and available. We just ask you to leave any violence, negativity, and drama at the gate. We all have a role to play in this event, and together we can make a memorable time. This will be kind of a who’s who in the scene from twenty, thirty, even forty years ago. It promises to be legendary. 🤘☠️🤘

I implore everyone to spread the word. Re-post this, share it, contact the missing, the lost, the forgotten, whatever you can do. Get the word out. More details will be made available, as they become known. Stay tuned.

By Chrome Tuna

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