Doctors, more doctors, and xrays and scans and probes….

Overshariing isnt my strong hand. So I do it very badly. The bare bones basics: Im not gonna die anytime soon. (Acts of God, calamity and su unpredictable stuff aside.

My doctors scares the crap outt of me and sends me off to get scanned and probed and tested. SO FAR the big CANCER question is mostly “Negative” but my Doc seems to think theres something to demand testing….then again, Im pushing 60 and these things need to be scanned and screened for and if found, dealt with.

An adenoma isĀ a benign (noncancerous) tumor. Adenomas start in the epithelial tissue, the tissue that covers your organs and glands. These tumors grow slowly and look like small mushrooms with a stalk.

So Ive got one of those, its benign, no cancer. Probably wont bother having it removd, The surgery would be too invasive for something thats not an issue. But i imagine it will require yearly re-scans.

They did a rescan of my Aortic Anurysm, and it has shown no growth in the last year either. Do THATS good, but that should be addressed I think. They can cut a peice of artery out of my leg and paste it in over my aorta.

Still need a pacemaker, and Im FINALLY scheduled for a sleep study so I can address the sleep apnea. Much of this is standard stuff that all guys start doing when they hit 50. BUT since I was hooked up with Valeo for my “Primary care” they didnt do jack shit. NONE of the recomendations and referals they made for me EVER panned out…at least not the important ones. This is a huge problem with Valeo. (They discontinued their primary care clinic and thats why I went searchng for a new doctor, and suddenly Im realizing just how much bullshit Valeo is dealing in and how LITTLE they actully have done. My doctor was stunned, STUNNED that I was never able to get a colonoscopy via Valeo, and he made one phone call and I was scheduled! (Thats another story.) )

Im getting connected with some other services and things….things that Valeo SHOULD have been all over, but wherent.. Someday a HUGE audit is going to fall on Valeo, and people will go to prison. Es[ecialy over the shenanigans they get up to with their unholy allience with The Rescue Mission.

OK, so no one really gives a shit about my health, nor do you really want to hear about it. YAWN! Boring! Right? But Ive got reasons for putting this info out there.

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By Chrome Tuna

I'm Chrometuna, my name causes fear panic and extreme xenophobia among morons, especially morons at The Topeka Capital Journal newspaper or anything Sherman Smith is involved with. I don;t know whay, I never did a goddamned thing but tell the truth...then again, the truth is what pisses people off the most.

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