Some of my recent work.

Which piece is your favorite? These are all unfinished works in progress, with some started just tonight and others tweaked over the past couple of weeks.
Sometimes people just get angry and scream and yell, and never listen to anything but their own voice.
More screaming and yelling…..because I am so sick of listening to people yelling and getting all angry and being assholes for the sake of being a big toxic asshole and dominating your attention.
When you look staight at them, they eye becomes confused.
Or is he?
Just starting…it reminds me a little of a Pusshead drawing.
Trying a new strategy
Their work is done, for now.
Their work is done, for now.
Big Googly eyes, like a goldfish
We had a great treehouse, and a great big crab apple tree.
it is
Coming out of obscurity and into the dream
Getting down to business
He is trying to infiltrate the Men In Black. But they are on to him, and just feeding him enough rope.
Trumpo The Very Sad Clown. Im not good at clowns, I dont really even like clowns. This is what happens when Melania stops doing his makeup.
One of those blurry bleary rainy night street scenes….’cause I wanted to do one

By Chrome Tuna

I'm Chrometuna, my name causes fear panic and extreme xenophobia among morons, especially morons at The Topeka Capital Journal newspaper or anything Sherman Smith is involved with. I don;t know whay, I never did a goddamned thing but tell the truth...then again, the truth is what pisses people off the most.

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