My comment on Facebook to Mary Lou about the homophobic blackballing and blackbird.

(This is a comment I made to a post by Mary Lou Schmit in which she was signing the praises of a local coffee shop that I had been banned from 3 different times for totally bullshit reasons. Im posting it here because I fully expect her to delete it and probably block me, as moral cowardice would dictate to her. That coffeehouse has a long and stupid history of banning people for no real reason, while allowing very toxic and even dangerous people to use the place as their living room and harass customers for years on end. I never did anything like that. But this is what you can expect from a place that is constantly “raising money for law enforcement”….and THAT speaks volumes.)

Marylou Schmidt OK, you are old and probably losing your memory, but the first time it was YOUR friend “Bonnie” the trashy bag lady and her Husband/Son “Dusty” remember? Or does this suddenly fall down the memory hole?

Remnember how Dusty used to walk all around that shopping center stalking and verbally raping women? I do. But Im going to guess that you have conveniently forgotten about that. He used to “Rap” his idiot “ryhmes” to anyone whether they wanted to hear them or not. And his “Raps” where full of homophobic, sexist, racist crap.

All while his mammoy/wife Bonnie was stealing condiments from the coffeeshop. She was your good friend, remember? And she used to bring her big bible into the shop, plop herself down at a table with people who wanted nothing to do with her, she would bring in her own candles and incense to light and she would start preaching her homophobic version of the bible to everyone.

Can you remember this? I can, plain as day. It happened, you know it did.

I called out Dusty for his homophobic racist “raps”, the staff at that time was already sick of both of them, the police had been in there multiple times looking for Dusty because of his behavior towards women in the parking lot.

Is this coming back to you now? I know that people who where not the VICTIM of this crap tend to just ignorre and pretend not to remember.

Bonnie made up some bullshit story, saying I was “Writing love notes” to her poor poor wittle boy, she went all through the coffeehouse telling people this tale of woe about that “Horrible GAY pedophile BOB who is trying to groom my poor innocent little child Dusty!” I( know for a FACT she told YOU think crap. Go ahead and deny it, but I very clearly remember YOU TELLING ME ABOUT IT later on.

Bonnie went crying to then owner Jeff (The P in PTS, but you know this) and told him and other employees how she was SOOOO terrified of me fr her innocent sweet little child Dusty.

So Jeff, who is knon for being an idiot and never thinking things through or applying critical thought, had me BANNED from the coffee house.. Her told me to my face that “We just cant have Gay men hitting on little kids in here”.

Well lets remember Dusty: He was 24 years old at that time (Yes, say it out loued: “TWENTY FOUR YEARS OLD”, he sure as hell wasnt an “innocent little child” in fact he had already done prison time by then, and had been charged with crimes involving hand guns and assault that he had been to jail for.

He was also a snaggle-toothed ugly inbred trashy thug, not the least bit attractive, except maybe to his Mommy/Wife Bonnie and whatever Fruedian nightmare was going on there (Fpor a while the two of them where living in a van together.)

But even when Jeff the owner was confronted by other customers who STOOD UP FOR ME (You were not one of them) But all of the other customers told Jeff what a pain in the ass Bonnie was, and what a thuggish psychopather Dustry was, and how THEY actually drove people out of the coffee house. Jeff stuck to his decision “Because of the Phelps issue” is what he told me. Really? He basically did the Phelps dirty work because a mentally ill nut case like Bonnie manipulated him and spread those rumors around that place.

He eventually relented after several other customers and friends of mine stopped going there out of protest.
And he eventually banned Bonnie and Dusty….who then got themselves banned from two other coffeeshops in Topeka for their behavior.

Remember that now?
Be honest.
If you cant remember then maybe its time for you to be checked into a home.

Later on the same thing happened again, and it would NOT have happened the 2nd time if it had not happened the first time. Only that time it was homophobic little highschool brats that dragged me into their weird playground politics. They had heard about Bonnie and what she had pulled, and thats 100% where they got the idea to pull that shit on me.. And it was homophobia at the core of it, absolutely. I dont need any “Straight allies” to tell me it wasnt, or to try to blame the victim.

And the 3rd time I got banned, it was because that nast bitch Dani made up a story about me “Doing torrenting” in the coffee shop.
In the first place, that simply was not true.

In the second place “Terrents” and “Torrenting” are not illegal.

(I offered to show Jason my laptop so he could see that I didnt even have torrenting software on it….but I doubt he would have known what to look for anyway, “Torrenting” was just a word he had been told.

And Jasons timing for banning me that time was impecable (And you WHERE there that time and witnesse3d it….but did you say a damned thing? Nope. Your virtue signalling is only convenient for when YOU need it.

My Father had passed away the day before after a long painful struggle with Parkinsons and Dementia. (I hadnt even been in the Blackbird for 3 days prior to this because I was sitting with my Dad in Hospice….perhaps you know what thats like?)

So my Dad passed, And the next day I had to go in to the Crematorium and identify his body and sign some paper. After that I stopped by Blackbird, and Jason comes over and tells me Im banned “For doing torrenting”, and he said “One of my employees saw you doing it” (Obviously it was Dani, and you know that she had a reputation for doing shit like that)
I told Jason he could go through my laptop, but he just reopeated “My employee said so”.

He allowed me to stay long enough to finish my coffee, and i obviously had a lot on my mind, I sat right next to you, and you had witnessed that whole conversation…but you didnt say a damned thing, you didnt care, it didnt affect you

(BTW: I didnt need to torrent, even though it is perfedctly legal, at that time I had subscriptions to about every media source out there. Dani was flat out lying to Jason about that.)

Now hows your memory? Does it match your concious?

Remember that time you made that weird “confession” and apology to me in Blackbird? Where you admitted that you had repeated a bunch of nasty gossip and rumors about me “Because you had been told that I was a bad person” (By who? Bonnie?) and other people had to tell you repeatedly that none of the things you repeated about me where true? (Kris Holmes was one of those people.) and then once you made that weird apology you said “And we shall never speak of it again”….yeah thats easy to say when YOU arnt the one who has been harmed by that shit.

Now Im fully expecting you to call me a liar, and claim you dont remember any of this, and delete this post. Thats what moral cowardice does rather than stand up and tell the honest truth.

And heres screen shots of Marylous post and the comments, you know, in case they just happen to “Accidentally” get deleted or something.

Ive had to live with this bullshit and the slander on my good name, (Some of that put there by7 Marylou herself), so I keep reciepts on all of this crap.

By Chrome Tuna

I'm Chrometuna, my name causes fear panic and extreme xenophobia among morons, especially morons at The Topeka Capital Journal newspaper or anything Sherman Smith is involved with. I don;t know whay, I never did a goddamned thing but tell the truth...then again, the truth is what pisses people off the most.

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