NEEDLE JUNKIES! Heres Your Stitch Craft!

As seen on facebook market place.

I want to sell this all as one big lot. Thats 42 different ‘kits’ almost all of them are complete a ready to go, just a couple arnt, but have good materials. Look at the pictures. These sold new for between $15 and $20 dollars each, and are still basically new in the packages.

I want to sell them all at one in one big lump.

Message me through facebook, and I will give you the address and location of where I am laying this out for sale.

These are cross-stitch or embroidery kits (Look at the pictures) They are NEW, but old. Most still in original packaging, some in plastic bags. Almost all are complete and ready to use. A couple (2 or 3) are not ,but still useful materials).
These were part of my big lot of fabrics and jellyrolls (See my other listings) that I wanted to sell as one batch, but enough people asked specifically about this stuff that Ive changed my mind and separated it out to sell as one big batch on its own.
Most of these went for $15-$20 new. Im basically selling them for $5 each, but I want to sell ALL of them at once, in one batch. There are 42 of them, so Ive rounded down to an even $200. (If you are really into thise artist and crafts community, this is cheap enough that you can re-sell them individually yourself and make a little profit. I just dont have the time patients or skill for that)

I will be meeting people at a downtown location after 2:00pm TODAY, and/or perhaps saturday depending on how things go..

If you are truly interested, message me and I’ll give you the address of the semi-public, locked location where I will have this stuff and the fabrics and jellyrolls.
PLEASE make an appointment and let me know when you will be coming so I can better accommodate you.

These are some great kits and might make great christmas presents to your artsy-craftsy friends

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